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I spent the most of my day cleaning the bedroom.. literally. Did laundry,threw shit out, and CLEANED. It's nice. I changed the fishes water so that it won't all be evaporated when we get home from Alabama. I can't believe that I am going to be there in 5 days. Anyway, tonight we went to Lucky's for dinner with Uncle Richard and Craig. It was a great meal with great conversation. We really don't see them enough. I feel that I fall more in love with them every time we see them and get to talking. I can talk about gay things with family! It's completely a trip and they get it. Craig totally understands the grandmother situation and how we get separate Xmas cards and are treated like this isn't a 'relationship'. WOW! I feel so much better when I hear someone who understands and has been there and knows that the Pettey family can be a little hard to wiggle your way into.. especially if you are doing it their way. It was great. Some family members were upset that they chose to spend their evening with us and not the entire family or at least include Tristia's grandparents. I really don't care because we had this planned a while ago and they all get to spend the next 2 days with them. Right now we are preparing to go to the bar bar. woohoo. Only staying for a short while because we are sleepy and Tris has to work in the morning. Tomorrow is another wasted day until she gets out of work. Every Christmas Eve the Pettey's get together at Gramma and Grandpa's house and open presents from eachother. I am nervous, I didn't get invited to this last year, so it's my first time. Everyone doing gifts is scary for me. It always makes me feel a little out of place, it always did with R's family. Oh well. I can do this, right? We get good presents from what I hear. I already know I got an OfficeMax gift card!! For Christmas we will be opening gifts that morning at 4am at our house with Ryan and Gary. That should be fun and then Tris goes to work and Ryan goes to home. Later that day we go to some of her family's house I haven't been to and haven't met. They sent us a card to Tristia and Bill I really can't wait for them to meet 'Bill'. haha. This time of year is so interesting.
My mom still hasn't got her presents from us yet. We sent 2 packages out on the same day and one got there today and the other still isn't there. I am going to be SO pissed if they box doesn't make it there. It has that scrapbook we (gary and I)worked our asses off on. Oh, did I mention Gary plans to move back to Florida to be with his friends and our fantastic father? yea, we haven't really discussed it but he said he really wants to. Well, good for him, I guess, if its his thing.
will finish primping and off to the Triangle.. the only bar to go to lol.

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