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I feel so exhausted and I just woke up. I have accomplished taking the Christmas tree down and eating breakfast. We opened presents at 3:30 this morning before Tristia went off to work. Then it was back to bed for me and Gary. woohoo. I want to make sure that everything is nice and not all cluttery Christmas styly while we are away. I don't want things to be a bother for our housesitter. All should be nice. I can't decide it I'm ready to take the Xmas cards down though. I might wait until right before we leave. I really like cards. I am curling my hair today so I need to start getting ready. It will take hours to curl it. UGH. the price of beauty. Today I get the honor of meeting her grandmothers side of the family. I think it will be VERY interesting. I guess I will get going. Hope everyone has a great day no matter what you do. xoxoxoxo
3 days til Alabama!!
11 days til my BIRTHDAY!!

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