BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

yes.. there is more..

We were the proud recipients of a digital camera that we have to go pick up tomorrow some time. we also got a griddle!! woohoo. one of the long ones that takes up like our whole counter space. we got a new big scrap bag which is hella exciting.. and some clothes and TOE SOCKS! woohoo. I got the book I've been dying to have.
her family time was good. i met some fun people. her greatgrandma asked me how did we know eachother and it was really awkward. because there were several of her boy cousins there who had their girlfriends and fiancee's with them. She was telling me how nice it was that I could make it and that so and so had brought their girlfriend and so and so had brought their fiancee and that the family takes in anyone who doesnt have a place to go. It was weird. I just told her that we were roommates and was sort of sad. We aren't acknowledged in that same way of respect. I am sort of seen as the straggler with no family.I have hella family, i just chose to spend the time with Tristia and hers because she and her family are closer and they need the repeated seeing me to GET IT! oh well. we had fun. played OutBurst which was greatness.
Gary, Tristia, and I went to see North Country tonight and it was awesome, emotional, WOW!. yay for womens rights. I respect so many of the women who fought so hard just to be treated civilized.
i hope that everyone had as great of a day as we did. thanks for all the merry chrismas's guys/gals/folks.

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