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last night i learned how to use the digital camera with help from tom - i heart him. I read almost the entire damn book but I have it all down now. I can open, shoot, save, and copy to computer. That's all i need to know, right? well, and how to change the batteries. I made fish for Tristia's family. They came by for dinner. I have never home cooked fish before so it was a real experience. It made me literally sick though. I hope they didnt get the icky's from it. We did more gift exchanging last night amongst our friends and it was rich creamy goodness. I was lucky to receive this really neat picture holder thingy and its CUTE and some body wash/scrub that is almond scent. I don't generally do nutty things but this is a good scent. my mom still hasn't received the package, she went to the post office to double check it. I am hysterical. it's been a fucking week already!! we leave in the morning and i still feel like there is SO much to do. We have to pack completely still. wash clothes and put them away. change the bed sheets for Brian and Sara. make the house sextoy safe for a few days. iggy. Work was dumb. I waited for 2 hours (doing absolutely nothing) for Caid to come bring me the sugar so that I could bake. We were out of EVERYTHING because we dumped it on Friday because it wouldn't be fresh by today. Then it took exactly 2 hours for me to make cookies, brownies, and croutons. Then I was off. I left to go return those damn shirts.. which was a success even though I had no reciept of tags. I have to go to the postoffice now and see if they lost the package.I have to pick tristia up from work so i guess i will leave home a little early so that I can stop by the post office first. I will be really freakin sad if it's missing in action. I hope there is just a hold up with it traveling so far. I dunno. fuck.
i'm out.

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