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and tonight.. the TRIANGLE

tonight i venture to the Triangle with Jen and Traci. I am UBER excited to hang out again. I haven't seen Traci since I met her back in October. So, it will be the greatest of times, I promise. Anyone who is lonely come out. I don't use the phone much so internet is my communication key. I have to take Gary to the ER tomorrow b/c he can't get into the dr til next Friday. He has been a bit disoriented lately and feeling really out of place. His eyes are dialated a lot and its just strange. He looks like he's on drugs. So, I am dedicated to getting him looked at because I am WAY concerned. One of my aunts said it might be low blood sugar (diabetes is a family thing) but we don't know. so yea thats on my agenda for Sunday. It could be worse, I could be really bored. But alas, I must get beautified. hope to see all laters.

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