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tonight we went to water areobics. it was good times. we weren't the youngest there which was sort of nice but most of the folks were a bit older. still we made pool friends and chit chatted about the cafe and other things. it was a real work out. the class is really laid back. Then we went to see Kim in the hospital. She will be there until Friday, poor thing. She looks so weak, its scary. Such a strong woman being down. At least she won't have to worry about any sort of menstrual things anymore and her cancer won't spread to cervex and stuff. It's a good thing but scary still. I rented Inside Deep Throat so I guess I should go watch it. Bed time is sooner than I had planned. I was able to go buy the rest of my books today so that was fantastic. i am reading Gilly Hopkins, the Prairie book, and Tuck Everlasting. yippessy. While we were there, the lady helping us was LITERALLY dragged away by another associate and screamed at in front of everyone. We totally told the manager because you are NEVER supposed to reprimand someone in front of customers and she yanked her away from us even after she told her to 'wait because I am helping a customer'. It was crazy. My boss at Speedway would write me up! craziness. anywho.. life is good. sleepy time now.

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