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Man of the Year went okay. I was really disappointed that only 2 of 6 contestants actually showed up to perform. I mean, seriously, why in the hell even compete for Man of the Month if aren't going to compete for Man of the Year. It appears to me that people are just kinging for the hell of it but not taking it seriously sometimes. Yea, I know its not supposed to be all serious but when it comes to a competition, a lot of folks get psyched about it and stuff and it's a real let down when people don't think it's important enough to show up or compete once you have been PRIVILEGED enough to be able to have that chance. (long sentence, yes?) Many others would have loved to be in Man of the Year but no! The audience cheered for people who had NO intentions of going forward. It made me sad. TJ did a totally kick ass show, I was so proud of him. I really liked his answer to his question too. I thought Alex could have elaborated more on his answer, though. Alex did Manson, which was surprising because I never really saw him as that sort of 'rocker' but it was a good performance. The oufit was shocking but fitting for the song.
Afterward, we were all making plans on where to go. We rounded everyone up and said hey lets go to Starlite, and everyone was like aww no. So then we said Atlas and everyone said YAY. Well, only 3 people of the 10 showed up. It did hurt my feelings. Particularly that no one called to say, hey, we aren't coming there. They just didn't show. I had to call Jaime to see what was going on and Sara told me that they were going to Starlite because 'everyone' was going. It's frustrating to know that 'everyone' is more important than your best friend. I feel like there is something fishy going on and I don't like it. I hate being blown off, particularly by people I care about. If you say you will be there, fucking be there. Oh well, though, that is life. Sometimes I am just not as important as I think I am I suppose. People tell me that we don't hang out and that we need to get together but when the opportunity arises, no one wants to. So no more complaining about that you guys!
Today we are both off of work we are having a tasty breakfast of bagels and lots of fruit. Then to cleaning up a bit and to watch her mom. It's gonna be a kickin day.

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