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memorial weekend

Here is how it went down..
*bar.. fun times..
*home.. sleepy times..
*me and tris hung out, lazy day..
*natalie's bday party I only stayed like 2 seconds. I had to go home and sleep.. which i did
*worked 3rd
*slept til noon
*went to CJ and Carrie's for BBQ. It was fun times.. hamburgers yummy. talked about T* and other fun times
*home, cleaned, rearranged
*pretended to sleep, talked to Emily
*went to work 3rd
*woke up, laid in bed forever not wanting to get up
* almost finished the femme book.. finally.
*came to sara's to do laundry.
*talking to tristia online

so yea, lots of internal changes going on with me.
I wanted to address something really quick like and I want some feedback, too.
Ok, so sara is my BFF we all know this. Well, sometimes when she goes places with me she gets left out. I dont know if its because my pals don't know her or because she isn't gay. Bisexual is a valid identity, ya know. And she does identify that way and I hate that sometimes because she is the ultimate femme she is excluded. She doesnt look or act like anything stereotypical. I remember struggling with trying to fit in being different you know. and its hard and it makes her sad that people don't talk to her. She loves everyone.. all of my peeps.. Caid, Carrie, CJ, Tristia, everyone.. but sometimes she feels like my friends just tolerate her because of me. I really hope that isn't true. I think that you guys like her even if you don't know her that well. Let me know what you think about our community and how we treat people that are different.

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