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Billi and Tristia's Stuff

Scanner - Hewlett Packard ScanJet 5200C $20
Printer - Lexmark Z515 $25
DVD player- Apex missing the front face of where DVD comes in and out but works great $ 15
M & M Alarm Clock - $7
Vacuum - Shark brand, small, one room vac $20
large clear ball cage for small animals to run in $6

Dolls - Spice Girls on Tour Melanie C/Sporty Spice, 12 inch Evil Zena Armageddon part 2, 12 inch Aries the Deliverer

Books Prices Negotiable
60 Super Simple Magic Tricks by: Shawn McMaster
Top 10 New York Travel Guide by: DK
Kids Love Michigan by: George and Michele Zavatsky
Michigan Chillers #2 by: Jonathan Rand
Challenging Whodunit Puzzles by: Jim Sukach
Animorphs #7 The Stranger by: K.A. Applegate
Odd Jobs by: Nancy Rica Schiff
A Woman Like That editted by: Joan Larkan
The Official Grad Book by: Martha Bolton
Rand McNally Goody's World Atlas
Lesbian Erotica (Canadian book) by: Rose Collis
Addie's Lament by: Delores Scott
The Complete Kama Sutra by: Alain Danielous
Hidden Fires by: Sandra Brown
Tomorrow's Promise by: Sandra Brown
The Highlanders Maiden by: Elizabeth Mayne
Gap Creek (Oprah's Book Club) by: Robert Morgan
The Everything Love Sign Book (Astrology) by: Genni Kosarin
Two Paths To Equality by: Amy E. Butler
Rachel's Tears (Columbine Shooting) by: Beth Nimmo & Darrell Scott
Passionate Communities by: Marilyn R. Schuster
The Art of Meeting Women by: Rhona Sacks
Juniors Guide to Book Reports by: Louise Colligan
Complete Care for Rats by: Debbie Ducommun
London Match by: Len Deichton
Voices from the Asylum by: Michael Glenn
Lights for my Path (religious)
The Reader (Oprah's book club) by: Bernhard Schlink
People in Trouble by: Sarah Schulman
The Boy who Couldn't stop Washing (OCD) by: Judith L. Rapotort
Are you Afraid of the Dark #18 Tale of the Pulsating Gate
The Lesbian Sex Book by: Wendy Casteer
The Passion Dream Book by: Whitney Otto
Tiger Prince by: Sandra Brown
River, Cross my Heart (Oprah's Book club) by: breena clarke
A Treasure Worth Seeking by: Sandra Brown
My World : The Ramblings of an Aging Gutter Punk by: Jeff Ott
Grave's End: True Ghost Story by: Elaine Mercado
Man Made: A Memory of My Body by: Ken Baker
Bittersweet Rain by: Sandra Brown
Rising Sun by: Michael Crichton

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