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things I think about

So, I feel like this is gonna be a long entry.. HERE GOES:
Well, I have worked like a million days without a day off..
Monday went to sasha's bday party.. we all ended up at Holloway. Yea, haven't been there since the camp out. BLAH! It was fun.. naked chiks. Matt was being an ass b/c he doesn't want me to be pals with Chris Poe.. but I am still gonna be his pal. I am not picking sides b/c they broke up. Life goes on. Get over it, I guess. So i thought that it was R and J that drove up, it wasn't.. thank goddess. Still not ready to confront them. Scary
I went to the Triangle on Wednesday where my boi performed. you have no freakin idea how hot he is until you see him. Everyone should see a Tom Follary show sometime. It's sexy as hell! So, yea, tristia was the best performer. Totally did an awesome job with the Disturbed song 'Sickness'. Melted in my chair.. lol.. Then when s/he did Eminem 'My Name Is' s/he went over to Shannon (biggest cuntrag in flint) and it was funny. So, everyone was there, Emily, Sasha & her girl, Toni, Sarah & Tate, Lauren, Sara, Pam, Jaime, Greg, Kyle, D, Precious, Kate, Ben, Scott.. everyone really. It was hella good times. Me and Em got to talking about some shit that went down this time last year and it really fucked my head up. I want to talk to her about it some more, but I don't know if/when I will get a chance to talk to her without all her peeps around. so yea.. then home and tris and i got like 2 hour of sleep, literally.
yesterday I worked w/only gettin that 2 hours.. was dead. work was horrible. one of my worst days in a while. Then to dinner with cj, carrie, and my love. and it was nice. i like hanging with them more than they know. they are good people and tristia likes them too, so yea. then we left and went to President Tuxedo to get hir tuxedo for prom.. ok, here is where i get pissy. I guess I didn't think how weird it could really be. Then we get in there and I am like WTF and no one wants to wait on us. I wanna scream at everyone, tristia is like 'its ok, don't worry about it'. We all know how confrontational I get about issues like that. and people were looking at tristia, in man gear breasts flattened and everything, and trying to figure out 'what is she'. and i wanted to scream!!!! Finally a nice young lady helps us, none of the men are willing to even say 'how are you' or offer to help. so fuck them. and it was an ok experience. I felt like they were rude to tristia and definitely could have given better customer service. I felt sad for her, for all people who deal with that shit. GRR i hate stupid people. and the people standing outside the store just lookin at her as they take her measurements and shit. what the fuck is that all about.. to make my yesterday better it was the 3 months of no roxanne and billi. WOAH! i can't believe it has been that long. It's weird. I thought about it, I kept thinking about that day and what I saw and what she said.. everything was like on replay most of the day. I wanted to shut my mind off.. so then we went to JoAnne's and the bed, bath, and beyond. fun times. picked up the pics that i had one houred. awesome Tom picks. I framed some of them already.. its cuteness. just like me. then took long bath and sleepy time.
today just worked at 7am.. ugh.. but it was with sara so it was fun actually. we worked hard. then to pay dee's rent and now just relaxing before i go shopping for some stuff.
been doing a lot of thinking lately about different things and about all the changes that are going around. It's nice I think, but also a little scary. Going to club triangle again tonight.. MAN OF THE MONTH.. we know i am a sucker for a chic in drag.. omg,i love kings.. well. ok.. hope to see most of you there.
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