BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

TAG- ur it

well, i played tag last night at the davison park with matt, kyle, the old neighbors, roxanne, jen, tristia, and jaime.. let me tell you it was interesting times by far.. GRR! evening started out ok and we were all having fun.. i ended up talking to sara for like an hour, the group forgot that we were there. it was fun to talk with her. then the love birds started making out in front of me. i was like what the hell.. but i managed to get over it.. kissed a girl! and it was amazing. she has soft lips. heh. and she came back to my place afterwards.. and .. wow. if i had some words to express things i would, but i cant b/c it was amazing. i havent had that great of a time in a really long while. and it was nice to talk to her, and hold her. and have her play w/my hair! lol im a sucker for that. yea, it was good times, i hope that things are still cool with us. she means a lot to me and i dont want things to be weird, i actually dont think that they will though. something about us, i think we can do whatever and still have the friendship. interesting how things work out when you arent paying attention, ya know?! the best things happen when you arent looking. gotta go to work now, so i best be out. have a great day
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