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This lady at work offered to sell me her 2nd car because she doesnt have any use for it and she doesnt like it. We were supposed to get together on Friday so I could look at it and stuff. On Thursday when I went to work she was acting a little shady and hinting that she didn't want to sell me the car and that I should look at her friends minivan - do I look like a minivan driver? Anyway, I was like okay, this is weird but whatever. I didnt get to look at the car yesterday because I had a hectic day after sleep and workin at MCC. When I got to work last night my other coworker told me that T (who was selling the car) found out i was gay (only 3 ppl there know, I hadnt told anyone else since I came back). Apparently she went on this speil about how she knew something was weird about me since she met me and now she KNOWS and doesnt want to be around me. She even told management that she won't work with me and doesn't want to be around me. I wonder how she knows. I wasn't going out of my way to hide it but I wasn't ready to tell her yet, because I hadn't felt her reaction out yet. We have an employee meeting on Monday and I sure as hell am going to go off on her and make a big speech about how I dont want to work with hetero people because I am afraid I can catch it. WTF! I am really irritated. That is twice this week that I have had to deal with bullshit because of my orientation. All of a sudden this is a big deal omg!!!!!!! I was doing her a favor by referring someone to babysit for her and now I am worried if she meets this person to babysit her kids she will be mean to her and that is NOT coolio. blah. today i feel okay. third isn't so bad, ya know. once you get into it. i really want some chips. lol. gonna go do the laundry. peace out.

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