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one of those times

Yea, well, its been a while and lots of interesting things have happened.. I will go back as far as I can remember and start updating.. well, I last wrote about shopping.. so yea I bought new clothes and then went to the bar friday. It was goodness. We had fun times. CJ and Carrie went with us, also Adam, my neighbor was there, Jaime, Carla and her mom. We then went home and passed out.
I had to work, and my assistant manager called me a liar and said that our DM called her and said i called him and complained about her and the lead assistant. (this never happened). So when i found out i was mad.. she started an arguement with sara and i behind the counter, in front of customers. and i was like go in the back. and she was like 'no' and was asking sara 'what are you gonna do about it, come back here' because sara walked away to wait on people. and i was so pissed that she was telling me i did something i didnt do. and the whole way that she was approaching us. so, i left work 3 hours early, which i can't really afford, but i couldn't stand there and look at her any longer without screaming. I spent the rest of the day alone. doing whatever. started reading Stone Butch Blues again that day. Sunday I just went to Motor City Pride that sucked.. then sara came over, we went to see Tristia, which cheered me up a little. And we went home to hang out and Tony and Kyle (flushing kids) came over and we wasted time til bedtime. *monday stayed in bed until 3pm. literally. then tristia came over, we went shopping, went to a cookout at lauren and jens.. had a really great time. Then we stayed at her place, which was actually pretty cool except a lot of light comes in the morning. UGH! and i had problems sleeping. I kept dreaming that we kept leaving eachother. It was like we were on different sides of the world trying to get back together but we couldn't. I woke up 'Don't leave me' she said 'i'm not' I said 'you will' she says 'love you'. Weird.. our sleepy time conversations. *tuesday well, I wasted time til i had to take sara to genesys to get her shot. Then went to Holloway with Tate/Emily crew. It was goodness. interesting conversation.. then back to their house, tristia came over for a little while.. then back to the lake.. then 7 dykes (self included) go to Clio to confront this guy who is stalkin our friend. Couldn't find him at 2am. fuck. it was a long day.
ok, lately I have been in this emotional weirdness. I just want to spend time with Tristia but we never have any time. And i hate that. and I don't know why sometimes i just crave a certain person and need to spend time with that person.. and right now it's tristia. because whenever i see her its like we just sleep or i saw her at work. blah.. no real quality time and i fucking hate that. i miss just sitting and talking with her, just watching a movie. something. BLAH! and people complain that we spend too much time together! how is that possible. She is too damn busy to spend more than 2 hours awake with me. Maybe now that she is only gonna be working at the cinema we can see eachother.
Really excited about going to Lansing Pride. I hope that it is better than Ferndale was. I was not happy there at all. It sucked A LOT. and the whole day people were picking on me about trans shit and it upset me. I don't want to talk about it, its complicated and i don't like being picked on. It hurts my feelings that everyone knows so much when i don't even know what the fuck is going on.
eh... its like 2 million degrees here today. i want to go to the lake. but i have to work in like 2 hours. blah on that. i hope that our air is working.
I got an email from roxanne.. i will be seeing her one day this week to exchange things.. yet again.. interesting, i didnt think she would be willing to give me what i want. but she is, so yea. thats nice.

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