BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

after the fact

We had our store meeting last night and I told everyone that I was upset about what was being said about me and that if anyone had a problem working with me because I am gay then it was THEIR problem and I hope that they can adjust. I gave out a short Q & A and a letter to each of them explaining how I felt about this and what I hoped to accomplish here. I gave my manager some info on outing people and the potential hazards. I know that he wasn't being malicious in outing me, he wasn't thinking. that doesnt make it right, though, and he knows that now. he thought that I was out to everyone and that it wasn't a big deal to tell people. I had to explain that I want to be the one to decide who gets to know, especially in a work situation. I told him that I wanted to talk to HR and he, of course, doesn't want me to. I don't want to get him in trouble but I know he will be in trouble if I go to them. I want T's actions to be documented though. She told another coworker that she was just joking when she said all that stuff about me and that she guesses she should apologize. I ignored her calls all night because I don't want a fake ass apology. She can suck my dick. i said what I had to say and it's done. I have this gift for being angry and then letting it go. I won't forget but I can't hold onto anger or I will go nuts. For now I am satisfied with making my manager feel shitty and making T realize she's being stupid. We will see what happens from here on out. I have to catch up on homework, I am SO behind.

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