BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

my 59


1. Are you wearing shoes: No

2. Whats the third letter in your name?: t

3. How old is your pet(s)?: 6 months

4. What color is your backpack? grey

5. Are you sick? in the head

6. Do you go to school?: Yes

7. Is your bathroom open?: Yep

8. Are you on a laptop?: yes

9. Are you watching TV?: Yes

10. Are you smiling right now: absolutely not

11. Do you have on eyeliner?: yes

12. Is it early? nope

13. Are you blonde?: i should be

14. do you have a myspace? DUMB

15. Are you in high school? NO

16. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: no

17. what is your favorite name: Caedmon

18.What song are you listening to?: Rose being dumb on "The Golden Girls"

19. What color is your bathing suit?: Black

20. Does your school start in august?: I don't know yet

21. Did you go on vacation last month?:

22. Have you ever been on a cruise?: Does your mom count?

23. Do you have a sister?: YES!!

24. Are you upstairs?: NO

26. Do you have a friend named Jennifer?: no

27. Does your name end with a Y?: no

28. What was the last thing you said?: "I look like hell"

29. Are your ears pierced?: Yes

30. Do you own a digital camera? Yes

31. Do you live in Illinois?: No

32. Do you like Illinois?: It's alright

33. Ever had sushi? Yip

34. Are you listening to rock at the moment?: No

35. What color is your chair? Burgundy

36. Where'd you get your pants? Gap

37. Do you type with your feet? sometimes

38. Have you dyed your hair red?: no

39. Do You believe in reincarnation? yes

40. Do YoU wRiTe LiKe ThIs? NO, and everyone who does it needs to stop. (kassi gulliford..thanks)

Where did 41 go? will you take my candlelight?

42. Do you like being in a relationship? ehhh

Where did 43 go? da da ooooh

44. Are you "Fake" at times? Duh...It's part of the biz

45. Is alcohol bad for the soul? uhh...OH UH UH

46. Are you bored?: No

47. What time is it? 12:01

49. chocolate or peanut butter?: Chocolate

50. How many kids would u like?: ?

51. Own a necklace?: Yeah

52. What is your computer's brand? Piece of shit, I mean Dell

53. CDs or Cassette?: CD's

54. Ever been through or to Detroit?: Yip

55. Seen all of the American Pies?: Yip

56. Been to the movie theatre the past month? no

57. Like walruses?: sure?

58. Have you been to a concert in the past month?: no

59. what is your phobia? heights and blood

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