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I have been reading much lately about different things. I have come to believe in Wicca as a form of spirituality that i want to be involved in. My problem here is I am not good at solitary learning. I want to find someone to help me along the path. This is a little sad, though, because I know a few wiccans/pagans and I am unsure if they are willing to help. I even submitted a request to get involved in a local coven. I have to meet with them first before they will even let me be apart of the yahoo group. so yes, I am interested beyond slightly. I have been myspacing people that I know to see if there is anyone that they could recommend. Geez, this is hard work. Anyway, I couldn't sleep this morning after Tristia left for work so I have been searching wicca/witch websites for 3 hours. I am really tired now and the day hasn't even started for most people. We are taking Kim, my mother in law, to brunch because it's her birthday. I'm excited about this. We don't spend much time with her family. My car is totally functioning at this point. Yesterday we went and got the tag an title transferred to me. It runs fine after a few minor glitches. Basically, I own a car again. A car that runs that I don't have to stress about. YAY! good things are happening and that makes me smile. talk to you all laters.

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