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hrmm.. so we got up at like 8am on saturday b/c jesse, tristia's friend, was so excited that she couldn't sleep. So she woke us up and we talked a lil while, got ready. we left at about 10:20 to go get Kristy, this chica that jesse loves. Then off to lansing.. where we get lost for like an hour before we find the capitol.. damn we are smart. anyway, we get there, see the parade. it was awesome! Then CJ and Carrie got married at the capitol with all the other LGBTQ couples of Michigan. It was so sweet. They cried, I almost cried. Then they asked me to witness their marriage liscence, which was such an honor. I love this VERY much. some TV guy comes up to me and asked did me and tristia get married and can he interview us.. lol.. no marriage for me yet. so he interviewed Carrie instead. Then to Riverfront park to buy stuff and hang out.. first person i see..ROXANNE! talk about panic attack. I was no prepared to face her, so i literally ran off. Then she was behind us, so i turned to talk to her. and it was so weird. I said 'how's it going' and she just started talking about things. I couldn't tell you what she said. I was in this weird zone. It's like my mind was moving so fast thinking of what to say and my mouth couldn't catch up. So I just stood there looking at her. And then i said ' i have to go now' and she said 'it was nice to see you'. I said 'yea' and turned and CRIED! it was so weird to walk away from her. and to carrie who hugged me and then to tristia who was a great comfort. She has really great hugs and made me feel a lot better in a momen when i felt my weakest. I am glad that it happened. I realize that i will probably never be able to be her friend, not for a very long time. I just can't handle it. It's draining to think about even. So, we had a blast. I bought the Alix Olsen CD independence meal and cute tristia bought me the Built like that spoken word book. how cuteness is she. and we had a good time. we watched the butchies perform which was totally coolness. we got a little sunburned but it was fun. shannon and katie were there and everyone from Flint was there. It was a good time. We ate Applebee's and then went back to the apartment where we PASSED OUT. we were gonna take a little nap then go swimming with everyone, well it didnt work out and we slept instead. LOL but its good times.
My brother, Gary, moved up here. Yea, he is currently staying with aunt sissy but i believe that he will be staying with me once we get shit situated. Caid and i are remodeling the apartment.. in a big way.. the bedroom is going to be the living room and the living room and the dining room are going to be bedrooms.. so yea, we are making some MAJOR adjustments. heh. i hope that it works out and doesn't look to white trash, ya know. but we need our own personal space. He and Trish broke it off, so now he will be at the apartment not there. so this could be goodness. I can't believe my brother is here. I have no idea how to relate to him. He has no idea how OUT PROUD i am and how to deal with me. I don't know how he is gonna react when he sees me kiss tristia or anything like that. We all know i dont go in the closet for anyone, so this is going to be a true adventure. Its weird how life works out i guess. I get the sibling that i had lost. heh. alright, i am at mott getting all my stuff situated so that i can go back to school in the fall. I need to get back in order. talk to everyone's later.

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