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someone hacked JS's Myspace and sent this as a bulletin. OMG

I am me. I am a girl. This world I cannot change alone. The world is how it is and things are the way they are. I am a girl and this is my manifesto. I believe in God and I believe in my faiths and morals. I can't do this alone, and then you may ask why I try?

It's a group effort. If everyone picks up one piece of trash, the world would be so beautiful. It starts with you, as it started with me. Let's all go together and pick up one piece of trash. What difference would it make? Even now, I picked up one piece of trash to make this world a more beautiful place for our online society. If we all do it together, just imagine how BEAUTIFUL the world would be. I am me, a christian, a philospher, and an artist. I am not a bad person, I am not a monster. I am just like you. I'm here to make a change. I stand up for my beliefs. I am just who I am, my name is showbread and I believe in my faith. Do what you will, say what you will say. Things are how they are. Things will happen how they will. I'm just a concerned soothsayer who is standing up for what she believes and doing her part. I like christians, butterflies, and macaroni and cheese. I don't like jeffree star and I believe he is the smut that litters our society. This is my truth. I am who I am. America wasn't built like this and it won't grow to achieve like this either. If something isn't broke, why fix it? I'm did my part, when will you? My karma is clear and my soul is released. The burden isn't on me anymore. The burden is now on YOU. Do you want your children to grow up in a society where men where panty hose and like little boys? You wil never bare children like I can and you will always be nothing but a freak. A freak. That's all you are - a freak. Don't feel too bad, even if you are a freak, jesus will forgive you. Just repent now. That goes for all of you. Just repent. I am just me, being me, what else can I do ?

I've done my part, I've said my piece. I'm just a young girl and an artist, I show my emotion and this is my art. This is my art. This is my art. One day I will have a child, I will be a women whom can bare children - I have that born right. I don't want my little boy wearing lipstick. You are not fabulous, you are not beautiful, you are sick and misguided. You are confused. It's not due to your genes or genetics, you have a psychological problem. I don't hate you, I love you. Jesus commands me to do that. This is not a show hate, but a show of art and love. I did my part, I got your attention. Statistics show that diseases such a HIV and AIDs are brought on and history leads their creation to homosexualism. The highest percentage and portion of which are the homosexual society. Just as AIDs, homesexualism is a disease and it's killing off the world. If I have sex with someone knowing I have aids, I get murder charges. I feel that if your homosexual, you should also - because it conspiracally leads to the promotion of a terminal illness.
As you can see, I've picked up my piece of trash. I've done my part. If everyone takes my lead, and does something just to pick up a piece of trash - the world will be so beautiful. My soul and conscience is clear. I can live my life in peace and pride knowing that I support my country. The pictures you see are relevant to smoking. It seems okay and "cool". But look at what it does to your insides, it turns your lungs black - the color of death. Just as homosexualism, it seems okay and "cool" - but that picture represents what you look like in side. You people destroy society and yourselves, I'm just an innocent girl - I could never hurt a fly or anyone, much less destroy society. You are the monster. I'm just me, a little voice trying to live life and do the right thing. I am done, I did my part. When will you do yours?

ok, at the end of this bulletin - it has a pic of a man who shot himself in the head and its HORRIBLE so I wont repost. so see this

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