BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

there was this time

when i felt like everything was out of control and i wasnt sure how to get back to me. Seems like i've done so much getting back to me lately. I have had to put most of my reading for my own education/pleasure on hold while i do reading for school and that's okay. I really need to get through these classes this semester. Tristia and I are hardly seeing eachother because of our work schedules. She is at one or the other of her jobs every day and I am working all the time at speedway and when i can fit it in, at MCC. ugh. I feel tired all of the time. I just want to sleep for 10 hours and be happy. lol. is that possible? last night at least tris and i went to bed at the same time. we just layed there and talked about the day and things on our mind. It was nice. I miss those talky times. I'm gonna make us a special dinner tonight and maybe rent a romance movie. lol. Have a just us night, even though we wont even see one another until about 6:30, it will be nice. Lookin forward to some us time.
Also looking forward to doing a panel in Grand Rapids next week. I haven't done a panel for TransGender Michigan in a long time, so I'm glad I could be of assistance. We will get to see Tracy while we are there, which is another plus cause we NEVER see her anymore.
then in April we are doing some panels at school. Same ole same ole, yippe..

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