BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

thank you

Below is an email that an old girlfriend wrote me today. I wanted to put it here for good times. I miss her.

I read that your going through alot!! Keep your head up though, Ninja.
:) You have a beautiful thing going on with Tristia. I understand that
things were hard for you and Roxanne, but things will only get better
for you. Your a VERY intelligent person and your going to do alot of good
for this fucked up world. Don't let something get your sprits down. Go
somewhere...just by yourself. A place that makes you have this "Tunnel
Vision". Getting lost in a place. Not realizing whats around you, and
just let her go. Take a deep breath, and let it go. " Heavens not a
place that you go when you die its that moment in life when you actually
feel alive. So live for the moment." Moment meaning Tristia. Your with
someone who makes your happy. I heard it in your voice that day you called
me. She's the moment. Live in it.

Always here for you,
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