BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

Sunday Horoscope

You want to be somewhere else, somewhere exotic. Wishing won't get you there. A touch of fire will be added to all your encounters, for better or worse. Fortunately, you're so organized, you already have extinguishers ready -- and marshmallows mounted on sticks.
You may look like you have a tough exterior, but underneath it all, you can be as fluffy and sweet as a marshmallow. Don't be afraid to expose your soft side once in a while. You will get an opportunity to show your true feelings to someone whom you care about. If you take advantage of it, the moment will be treasured. Take the time to enjoy where you are right now, instead of focusing on where you want to be in the future. Don't wish your life away. Remember, tomorrow is always a day away, but today is immediate.

WOAH. makes me sound sort of interesting doesn't it? I don't wanna be fluffy..
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