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today was fucked up. i slept like 2 hours lastnight b/c i got out of work at 10 and had to be back at 7am. i just couldnt go to sleep when i finally got the motivation. so work was bullshit. we were sort of busy, and it was Eby order today. Annette, the manager i hate, was SUPER nice to me. Today our DM, bill, met with Sara, Annette, and Sandra. Funny how shit works out. And now bill wants to talk to me. so i guess that he has questions about what is happened that saturday. anywho. i left work in a hissy about the situation. went home, bitched to caid a little while before going to sleep. i didnt take calls today, i wasnt in the mood to deal. i have been feeling depressed and didnt wanna drag anyone into it. so eventually i woke up and called tristia back, she was glad to hear from me, she had been worried. So, i told her that she can come over and we chilled. we talked, she listened, it was good. i needed to talk about things like what is going on with me, my past with roxanne and our relationship. so much shit is in my head right now. trying to sort things out and it helps that there are people who care about me. THANKS PEEPS! tomorrow i take sara to get her last shot and then i get to chill i guess. wednesday is billi/tris day. and i'm goign to the TGMI benefit with CJ and Carrie. I am actually excited about that. So yea, fun times.

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