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now presenting..

OMG, I am getting a tranny award from Transgender Michigan!!! CJ and Carrie called to tell me earlier today. How awesome is that?! I guess because I am such an awesome ally to the trans community. I feel very honored that the organization would pick me for anything. I don't think that I do that much, really. Just advocate for a fair michigan.. LOL I don't know. I stand up for what I believe and I support my transgender warriors!! so, I accept this award with grace. Thanks so much TGMI! you have made such a difference in my life.
Today has been fun. I took sara for her shot, we were WAY late but it was funny. I read this book 'Deliver us from Evie' all should read. I literally read the whole thing today. So, then sara got out and we went to DAIRY QUEEN which was funny. and we laughed all the way back to my home.. the comcast ppl finally got the internet hooked up to the laptop. Also caid got me a present.. HE FOUND MY LIFEHOUSE CD!! omg, i have been looking for it for over a month. so now it's on repeat and i am happy. my fave song is on here. I finished the Evie book. and now just bla. Waiting to hear from CJ and Carrie b/c i wanna hang out with them if they aren't overly tired from dealing with BRATS all day long. heh. and tomorrow me and tristia are going to lansing ALL DAY LONG! fun times. and then the benefit where i get my award. so now i have to seriously think about what to wear, i dont wanna look grungy. lol. I feel a lot better today than yesterday.. definitely. i need to call work and see what my schedule is looking like for the next week. thursday 7-3 friday 2-10 saturday 1-2 for a meeting and 3rd shift sunday 3rd shift and monday and tuesday off. so its sort of a sucky schedule but it'll do. i hate working 2nds of fridays and then 3rd sat and sun. eh. i have 39 hours so its not too bad i guess. and 3rds aren't too bad once you think about it. i have the cops to keep me occupied and i usually talk on the phone to adam or whoever else i know thats a night owl. with that meeting in the middle of the day, sort of fucks up my sleep schedule.
anywho. i'm out talk to ya's latah.

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