BILLI (billinaction) wrote,


today is hot and i LOVE it!! we went to see Richards 3 games of softball already. they are short games - 50 minutes a piece. it was hot and there were sweaty softball women everywhere. >GROWLS< It was fun times. Tristia wants to play softball when we move here. that should be adventurous. we are hot and tired and its not even noon yet here. so we are going to nap then lunch and lastly go unpack the condo. i think we are gonna go to a bar tonight with her friend and maybe meet one of mine. We met AJ last night and she brought her friend Nic. We had a kickass time. I'm glad I will sort of have some friends when I get here. .. its something to look forward to. I haven't really found any jobs. the paper here doesnt have much posted. so thats sad i will look online and hopefully hook up with studio 202 or outfront. that would kickass. ok, i'm out
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