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lets talk about Natives

Yesterday in Race and Ethnic Relations we were talking about the Native American culture - history, current situation, blood count,etc. I learned so much more than I was expecting. Here in Michigan we have casino's and few are on reservations which means they are supposed to be profitting the local tribe(s). People here complain a lot about how the 'Indians' are making all this money off the casino's and aren't doing any work when other people have to work to make their money, etc etc. When in actuality only 1.3% of Native tribes have casinos. There are only 5 profitable casino's in the USA that are owned by the Natives.
On average a family will get $100 from casino profits. Most of the money made goes into funding for health care, police, supplies for the tribe. The main thing that hinders these casino's from profitting is the locations. Most are out west where the reservations were mainly set up after they were forced to migrate. AND what else is out west? LAS VEGAS! so, why go to the casino that will profit a group of people who need it when we can just go give our money to donald trump? The MGM casino here in Detroit, which is supposedly 'Indian' run.. is actually owned by a white firm. Still, the white people are telling the Native's what to do and when. I was very depressed to learn about the fighting still going on between white culture and the Native's. States are still fighting with Native's about their treaties for land and their use of the land (they have contracts saying they can hunt and fish whenever they want.. unlike US citizens who have to get liscence to do so). I didn't know that Native Americans were a sovereign nation within the United States. They are actually like a country within a country.
Then I learned about the whole blood thing.. where you have to have a certain amount of Native blood to be considered a 'card carrying Native'. You actually have to prove your heritage and that there wasn't so much intermarriage that it lessened your native-ness. CRAZY! I wonder if I can prove my worth as a Cherokee now. My grandfather's mother was a fullblooded Cherokee from Kentucky. I don't even know if it's worth it to try to find these things out. I don't want anything such as rights or benefits of the nation .. i'd just like to know. I think it's insane that African Americans were considered to be anyone who had one drop of African blood in them but not with the Native American's. One drop makes you nothing pretty much. Of course this means in order for a tribe to thrive they must only marry amongst themselves. This will become a problem because eventually you'd have to marry a relative and that's not acceptable. Again, we are killing off a group of people for our gain. If we rid ourselves of the Natives we will be saving money. Right now, we spend money on paying for healthcare and education for the Native Americans. It is part of a treaty.. the whites took the land and gave the Native's certain benefits.. but are they really benefits?!
I get so frustrated when I learn new things sometimes. I just want for people to stop being hateful and to see the bigger picture. If more people knew how UNproifitable the casinos really were for Natives, they'd shut up. Don't point fingers when you have NO idea what's going on.

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