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Transgender Michigan Benefit concert at Creole Gallery, Turner St (Old Town), Lansing

Wednesday, June 23 at 7pm

Featuring: Carmen Paradise, Kate Peterson, Sarah Cleaver & Jen Sygit.

Tickets: $7-15 sliding scale at the door
or contact or Rachel Crandall at 517-347-3681.

To sponsor this event:

TransGender Michigan is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of transgender individuals in Michigan. Their services would not be possible without the generous support of people like you!
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so yea, you should all come to this benefit and be involved with TGMI. it is one of the most active groups in michigan and i'm not just saying that because I am involved with it. Also, you can see some great people.. like Rachel, CJ,Carrie, Me, Tristia, and Sara. good times.
so last night i did go see 13 going on 30 with Cj and carrie.. after we got tris in trouble at work. she got me a purple and a white rose.. adorable. yesterday was 2 months for us. the movie was good times.
well i come home, layout a page that i want to scrapbook.. and well mom calls. apparently my uncle danny is worse. his lungs collapsed on monday night and he lost a kidney. in his last accident he hurt his legs and now they have an infection. they are going to have to amputate a leg, maybe both. Mom thinks because of all the internal things that he may not live. he has diabetes and so its hard for him to heal anyway. and so i'm sad. i went and saw roxanne last night and got a prayer cloth. her mom gave us one when we lived together and it saved me from immenent danger once, so i'm trusting it to help uncle danny. Dont doubt the power of a pentecostal woman and a prayer cloth. I'm really scared about what is going to happen. Weird how roxanne knows the whole family and asked about how jessica was doing, his daughter, and what could she do. I forgot how family-oriented she can be sometimes. and tristia has really been there for me as far as just letting me be upset and holding me when i am sad. and i need that. i need her there. i dont want to go to the hospital but i know that i need to. i hate going because what if he does end up dying, then my last memories are of a broken man, and i'd rather not remember that way. damn, i'm weird. i just don't like dealing with these sort of things.
so yea, tris and i are going to great lakes crossing whenever she wakes up.. she is sleepy today. and then i guess we are going to head back up here and then to lansing. WOOHOO!! i am really excited about tonight. i love everyone.

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