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I am tired..

~ of people who think i understand everything
~ of working first shift when i dont get much sleep
~ not being able to say what i want to when i am angry
~ people who say Fuck you when they fight.. what is the purpose of that.. it is provoking
~ depending on people who repeatedly let me down
~ containing myself when i should be free
~ being categorized as 'like everyone else' when I know I have stood by while everyone went away
~ being blamed for everyone's bad day
~ people who can't see other people's point of view
~ people who think they are always in the right
~ people with no tail lights on the trailor they pull down the highway at 11pm

omg. last night was fun times. i loved the creole gallery. there was awesome art work. and the performers were pretty good too. I got a wonderful award that i broke on the way home.. short story but i don't want to tell it. Tristia and i had a great day at Great Lakes Crossing. It was good bonding times. I love her.

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