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Watched Boys Don't Cry last night for the first time in about 4 years. Geez, I forgot how scary that movie is. It hurts me, literally. It made me sad and just wow. I watched it with Katie (speedway Katie) and she hadn't seen it and I think it really made her think of different people as people not so much as objects to hate. I was glad to share those moments with her. We are packin things to get into Tristia's parents and out of Carrie and Knolls. I have most everything in my car right now. Tristia's supposed to come by later and get the rest of the things that I didn't. Almost time folks.. almost time.. 6 days and counting down.

Started watchin Amandla this morning, too. I'm rather excited to finish it. I feel so sad watching this movie.. it's about apartheid in case you haven't seen it. I learned a bit about it in my classes but I had steph burn this movie for me because I thought what better than a documentary from the people to help me get an understanding. It's powerful. Check it out.

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