May 11th, 2004

tea time

happier times

i have had an awesome couple of days despite my lack of sleep. i went to A2 with caid yesterday and it totally made the day wonderful. i miss downtownn.. and the coffee shop and the guitar place.. all the places we used to shop. it was good times and so freakin sunny!! i love it there. anyway, then i came home and went to tristia's. her basement was flooding so we had family bonding trying to drag the water upstairs and outside.. her brother is HALARIOUS!! then we came to my apartment and SLEPT! today was awesome. saw joel at bestbuy. so weird seeing him. i really miss us being friends. he was my confidant. he never laughed at anything that i said/thought. everything was always ok. eh, but we have moved on. and it was good. tristia bough the DVD she has been talking about for days. and we saw some tuxes.. i think we found one that she likes. its gonna look hot on her. she looked so good today. i just couldnt stop looking at her. hats on backwards really look sexy on some people. lol. im trippin i know. and i think she likes lil bo peep more than me.. she is always cuddling her.
going to do this panel in owosso at 4pm.. sort of nervous about it. i dont know where i am going or what to expect. happy times. kisses.
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