June 24th, 2004

tea time

I am tired..

~ of people who think i understand everything
~ of working first shift when i dont get much sleep
~ not being able to say what i want to when i am angry
~ people who say Fuck you when they fight.. what is the purpose of that.. it is provoking
~ depending on people who repeatedly let me down
~ containing myself when i should be free
~ being categorized as 'like everyone else' when I know I have stood by while everyone went away
~ being blamed for everyone's bad day
~ people who can't see other people's point of view
~ people who think they are always in the right
~ people with no tail lights on the trailor they pull down the highway at 11pm

omg. last night was fun times. i loved the creole gallery. there was awesome art work. and the performers were pretty good too. I got a wonderful award that i broke on the way home.. short story but i don't want to tell it. Tristia and i had a great day at Great Lakes Crossing. It was good bonding times. I love her.
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tea time


damn this has been hella long day. work was icky. then home to chill. i had a discussion and so i am going to go with the idea that we are good again. no more fighting .. for now. I went to Aunt Sissy's for dinner and to get Gary, he is staying here tonight. We got to talking about how do i label myself. i went safe with lesbian for the families sake. they couldnt possibly understand my queer culture even if i explained it in detail for hours. so then we are talking about transgender issues and about my friends. so that was exciting and weird. i hate not knowing how to talk to people who have NO IDEA what i am talking about. i feel like i'm trying to teach myself chinese, i know nothing so how can i teach anything..but I had a really awesome talk with Carrie, and then with CJ, and i realize that some people think I am more in tune than I think that I am. And i have some kick-ass friends that i don't appreciate as much as i should. i am so glad that we get to spend time together and i want to be more involved with Transgender Michigan because i feel like I have a place there. Weird, because i know so many straight and bi people who dont feel like they fit into the queer/gay community. I feel like i fit with the trans community... and with the queers of course. and i love LESBIANS! i fit somewhere, and i hope everyone feels that they do, too.
I went and saw dodgeball with tristia, ryan and gary. it was a really funny movie. there's a hot grrl kiss in the end. aww now i am wasting time before i finally pass the fuck out. peace