July 27th, 2004

tea time

Where have I been

so yea, lots is happening in my little life. First off, work is kicking my ass. Nancy (stupid old 3rd shift bitch) broke her foot. She begs not to be taken off the schedule, so of course we get her a stool and let her work.. 2 days later she decides she doesnt want to work after all because dangling her foot all day is not gonna help it. DUH! is she dumb? she didnt think of that at first!! so, she is on the schedule, we are already short of people, and we are all scrambling around trying to cover HER shifts for the week. Which mostly worked out with people staying late or coming in early.. and me working alone for a few hours the other night.. grr. and so blah! i demand not to work 2nd or 3rd on friday b/c i am having tristia's party. i will shoot someone if i get scheduled, i swear it. I know we are short but damn. thats bullshit, i requested it like a month or more ago. we got a new woman working there too, and she's alright. I think she's gonna be fun to talk to once she gets used to me. Everyone likes me once they get used to me being all weird. lol. and yea. spent like all of last week with tristia which made me happy. WOOHOO! and today is my day off, finally, i have one. and she came over and just laid on the couch cuddling for an hour before she had to go to her house. it was nice because i dont feel good today. and it was comforting. a few days ago roxanne, tristia and i hung out. it was roxanne's idea, not mine, but we all had fun, i think. i was really cranky from working third and was a bitch to roxanne, i think. at least tristia said i was mean. i havent talked to rox since then, so yea. i probably was mean. she suggested that she and jen and me and tris get together for a double date and i dont know if its possible. i have thought about the possibility but i dont know if i can be in the same room as her without wanting to CHOKE her or just make fun of her voice/lack of hair/lack of brains.. anything. I found one thing she is good at though, as much as I hate to admit it. She made a really awesome scrapbook page of she and roxanne. so, i give her credit for being creative. blah! i have been scrapping a lot lately, got a lot of stuff done. i am trying to really work on natalies book. yea, my sister is moving to florida with the kids and i am upset!! i dont want them to go. they will end up like her and thats bad. I dont like that side of my family they will be with and i am worried. blah. she has been MIA for like 3 weeks now, no one knows where she is staying, she isnt at her trailer. damn that hoe! i had tristia dye my hair purple. yea, hot shit, huh. its annoying b/c i keep dying everything my head touches. i have to wear my hair off my face b/c my face keeps being purple. i want it to stop being dumb and be cute already.
finally have all done for school. i am ready to be educated. i was looking at my SAR online, and OMG it says i have a drug conviction that prevents me from getting student aid. WHY DOES IT SAY THIS!! i dont know. I can guarantee that i have never had any sort of conviction for ANYTHING and why would i mark that i did on my FAFSA? so i think something is fucked up. There is other bad information on there, too. I wonder if they got my paper confused with someone else. sort of pissed. now im waiting to get my pin sent to me so i can change all the bad shit on there so i can get some $$ for classes. DRUG CONVICTION! is that weird to anyone but me.. yea so i'm gonna go vent to myself.. aka talk on the phone.
I hope to see everyone at tristia's bday party at Lauren and Jen's house. call me or tris if you need directions. she's finally gonna be 19!
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