August 3rd, 2004

tea time

hate my life

omg, things are so out of hand. my sister and i got into a huge fight before she left for florida. my grandfather jumped down my throat about 'this gay shit' and everythign was nuts. i didnt get to say bye to the kids. i hate my sister. i hate my family.
the hottest girl came into work AGAIN today and i totally spazzed out. not only once but TWICE she came in. I had to wait on her the 2nd time and it was like omg. because SARA told her that i thought she was hot and she knows.. and now she looks at me funny and i want to cry. my face was so red and i was just trying not to studder when i get her merchandise. and she saw me get shy and smiled and i ran in the back like a little bitch. omg, why do i do that? i hate it.
tristia has been gone for a few days. it really hasnt hit me yet that i wont see her for like 10 days. i miss sleeping with her at night.but i've really had time to catch up with friends. finally having some sara time right now and its happy. i missed her.
will tell you more about adventures later in a personal friends only entry.
PS roxanne drunk dialed last night.. weird.
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