October 5th, 2004

tea time

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my eyes hurt and i am tired. found out that yet another exec board member of GSA might not qualify.. why does this happen to me? we dont have time to keep re-electing. and he has achieved a lot with us already to just go re-appoint someone. freakin-A! blah. but yea.
My manager refused to let me transfer. told the stores that called about me that she wont let me go. Then when i asked her about it she said that she told them she had to talk to our DM first adn that i should have talked to him. funny thing is that I DID TALK TO HIM before she knew about it. he said it was a good idea to switch districts, thought everything was ok. So, after talking to her yesterday I went and talked to Bill, our DM. He said there is no problem in a transfer that he has to talk to Drew, the other DM that i would be going into, and he will call me tomorrow (today). So, yea, and i bet my manager is mad about me going over her but i know if she talked to him first then she would make some shit up and i wouldnt get to leave. FUCK THAT
i made a 97 on my math test. WOOHOO! That was good.
my friend lauren got burned with wax 2 nights ago. She is in Hurley (rm 537)if anyone wants to go see her. She has 3rd degree burn on her right arm/hand and some bad burns on her other hand and on her back. Her roommate got burned on his face and hands. It was a big accident with the stove. so i went and saw her yesterday and today. i will probably stay the night with her partner, jen, tonight so that she isn't lonely. I feel bad for her, they wont let anyone stay overnight with Lauren and she is gonna be in there for a few weeks while they do skin graphs and stuff.
aight.. bye