October 26th, 2004

tea time


So I wanted to sleep in the floor last night.. no real reason why.. I just wanted to.I woke up in the bed this morning though. I recall gettin in the bed at some point and Tristia asking me why I was in the bed when I wanted to sleep on the floor. I told her some excuse and was lost in sleep land. LOL I dont know why I am weird like this. I am tired today. Didnt go to bed until 1:30am. I meant to sleep sooner but I had to do laundry after gettin out of work at 10pm. UGH! and Tris had to do her homework. There was a note this morning tellin me that the door was unlocked and wide open this AM. I guess that Megan must have went outside to smoke after we had all went to bed. Eh! So, why does everyone who stays with me not realize that you have to lock the door?! The door is really weak and when the wind blows in the hallway, it literally makes the door open. So yea, we all could have been killed last night or something. Lesson to everyone who comes over.. LOCK THE DOOR BEHIND YOU!! geez.. no one wants to die.
I am way ahead of my class in Math. I have done like 2 days ahead of homework and the teacher is teaching behind me... thats weird.. but it lets me ask questions if I get confused on my own.
I looked up classes for next semester. I think I am going to take 2 poli sci classes and maybe Fiction or a science class. I need to take more credits so I can get done sooner. I will be in school forever if I keep this pace up. UGH! I cant wait to be done with this semester though.
I have a million things to do. About to go look at this apartment/house for rent by my aunts.. just in case.. we are keeping options open til we sign the lease. and then I have the exec meeting at Applewood. Meeting up with Megs and Sara and we are gonna go to the hotel liquidation place and eat at Badawest. I havent eaten there in literally 6 months. So, its good. then to the evening activities. I am going out to lansing or detroit this weekend. me and the bois are going out, i havent been to bars outside Genesee county. I am excited.
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