November 8th, 2004

tea time

counting the minutes

this weekend was interesting. I went to the bar with Sara and Tristia on Friday. Sara forgot her ID and had to drive back to Flushing to get it. That was sad. Sasha was in town for the weekend so I got to see her. Hung out with Brandi and her woman Janelle. David was there, it was Scott's Bday so he and Ben were there. Also, Amber was in town from Chicago and she showed up. All in all, it was a good night. Then we stayed out at Sara's house and watched this movie called Turbulence 3. It was good times, funny. Saturday we got up after 4 hours of sleep to go to Good Beans where Ken had overslept/forgetting the movie was that day. So, we went with the boi's to eat at Capitol (by Angelos) and it was good times. I now know who has had the most sex and at what age. hehe. Tristia and I cleaned/packed her room. Well, I napped off and on and helped her. Then off to CJ and Carrie's where I found out Rachel watched the Turbulence movie, too. LOL. No, it was a good time. We had fondu and marshmallows. It was sweet. I got to see everyone in a relaxed setting and I like that. I need to chill sometimes. We were really sleepy and left earlier than everyone else. Sorry kids. Then SLEEPY TIME! I worked yesterday and then went over to her house and did my homework. Then sleepy again. I am now wasting time online til my Poli Sci class. YIPPEE!
so, we will officially be living together in 5 days. This is exciting. I think I am past all of the nervousness I have been feeling. I am ready for it. I think it's only natural at this point for us to take the next step. I mean, we practically live together now. We are always at one of the other's homes. We have so much stuff already. I wonder if we will have room for all our shit. I think the apartment will look really nice. we are planning to have a queer thanksgiving the week after Turkey Day. That way, we won't be interfering in most people's family celebrations. All are invited. I think I am going to go and look up jobs now. I need a new one in like 6 months. Lets start now.
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