November 12th, 2004

tea time


tomorrow we get to start moving things into the NEW APARTMENT!! AHH! I am really excited. I think that we will do fine after we get situated. I don't think that I will be staying the night there until Sunday night. I have to work til 10pm tomorrow so I won't have time to get everything moved that I want to get moved before being ready to move in. I am going to have my aunt bring the bed over there on Saturday though. On Sunday I will have my cousin help me with all the other little junk. dresser.. boxes, etc. Today I have to really PACK!! lol, still behind on that part. I guess that I could throw things in my car and go, but I really don't want to do that. I am more of an organized person, at least I try to be.
We rented the 1st 4 episodes of L Word last night. It was really good.. way good. It made me smile, hehe.
I am being a slacker today!! YAY!
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