November 25th, 2004

tea time

Thanksgiving? what?

woke up to more snow.
got showered.
we shopped.. spent like $100 just today, not including the millions we will spend tomorrow
hir family.. woohoo. things went alright. last night we had dinner and it was ok. I only got the chance to speak with one new family member, her aunt Craig (uncles husband) and he was really fun. Today we did dinner at her grandparents with 20 of the family members. It was interesting.I was really quiet but i talked to at least 3 new people! They like me. HAHA
my family.. just got back from there. We all ate and talked about stuff. Why do people feel the need to bring up ex's at holidays?
relax. whatever. we are on our way out the door to yet another dinner engagement. I feel HUGE
go see emily and then off to Tate's house. Sara is stayin the night with us and then SHOPPING tomorrow AM before work. Yippee Skippy. the holidays turned out way better than I had expected. my dad actually called me today.
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