January 5th, 2005

tea time


today is my bday. i am 22! WOOHOO! i am excited. i always look forward to birthdays. tristia and i are taking care of our errands today. then we are having dinner with our families to celebrate. yaya!
i have been feeling really run down lately. i slept like 1 hours yesterday/lastnight. its been a really long week for me. But i took this airborne stuff that C&C recommended and i feel a lot better. Tristia has been taking it and i think that it made her feel better too. YAY!
School starts on Monday. FINALLY! i only got a 1.0 in that political science class.. but i still recieved the credits for it. blah. so i guess i am still set to graduate on time, tho i was worried about it. i am taking some interesting classes this time so maybe i will learn something. i am taking one of the teachers that i swore i'd never take b/c he is somewhat homophobic. but the class sounded interesting. He is on one of the faculty committee's that i am on and he seems nice tho i have heard bad things from students. eh, we will just have to wait and see. i am looking forward to going to minnesota in february. this new year is bringing some exciting things!
We are going to buy rats today, i think.
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