January 18th, 2005

tea time

YAY for Tuesdays

SO, i have today off and I only have a 1.5 hour class today. That means LOTS of free time! WOOHOO! I am just playing online to waste time and be cool. lol. this weekend was okay. I worked and went to the bar and did homework.. My best pal here is currently dating a female! I never thought I would see the day that she would jump into the queer pond but here she is swimming among us. I am really excited for her and the girl that she is dating is really cool. I have seen her around and she was a customer when I was in Flushing. Now my friend can enjoy all the joys that I talk about. Now she will get it. Maybe this is the beginning of something great. Her girl told me that she really liked her and I knew then that my friend was in for it. he he. I love new lesbian lovers!
My manager has eye surgery today and will be out of work for up to 12 weeks. BLAH! that really sucks. That totally puts my promotion on hold until she gets back. Hopefully Sue will teach me everything while she is away and then I will know it when she gets back and I can get my raise and stuff.
In case you have forgotten or misplaced your calendars.. MAN OF THE YEAR is Friday January 21st. THIS FRIDAY! I expect everyone to be there. It's bound to be a really good time.
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tea time

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i hadn't heard about this but i read it in the community so i wanted to share it with everyone. Maybe I can go.. i dunno. sounds exciting though. Shar Rednour will be there!
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Queering Femininity is a national conference to explore and celebrate the many ways queers consciously construct femininity. Conference programming will examine the impacts of gender, age, class, race, etc., on the lives and communities of people who identify as feminine and queer. Please join us to share information, network, build community, present research, or simply be inspired and have fun! The conference will take place May 27 - 30, 2005 (Memorial Day weekend) in Seattle. We are actively seeking proposals for workshops and panels.

Confirmed presenters for Queering Femininity include keynote speaker Minnie Bruce Pratt, Dossie Easton, Laura Harris, Emi Koyama, Veronica Monet, Shar Rednour and Annie Sprinkle. In addition to workshops, panels, and presentations, the conference will include a spoken word performance, cabaret, play party, art show, and vendor fair.

Queering Femininity is open to anyone interested in the lives of feminine-identified people in relation to queer, lesbian, bisexual, dyke and trans communities, and is a trans-friendly event. For more information please visit http://www.femmeconference.org or write to:

Femme 2005

PMB #796

1122 E Pike Street

Seattle WA 98122