January 19th, 2005

tea time

2 days left

on top of the homework that I refuse to think about.. i am worried about my Tristia. She is really stressed out right now. She has put all of this last week into worrying about her costumes and songs and making sure she is ready.. and not doing school work. She seems really different and I know because she has a lot on her mind. I am ready for this to happen and be over with. Then she can have fun with drag again. She is putting so much of herself into it. I am really excited about the show. I want everything to be absolutely fabulous. I know that she will do great, she always does. I don't think that she is very confident about this one. it's crazy how much she wants to do well. i am proud at her for applying herself to this competition but she is pushing other important things aside. ah.. anyway.. welcome to billis day from hell..
Today I posted next week's schedule. I am the assigned schedule person while the manager is out. I was given instructions by Lisa on how she wanted things to be done. As a result, I almost killed this hag today. She was unhappy that she had less hours than some other people. She thought she was on punishment. She doesn't realize that I have FEW hours to work with (corporate cut hours because we arent busy this time of year) and so I have to spread them the best way that I can. BUT she isn't management or any sort of seniority. So, she didn't get as much as myself or the other 2 manager-type people. She totally confronted me on screwing her over and trying to make her quit. This is totally untrue and I am really pissed off that she said all of this to me in front of customers. She would never speak to Lisa that way. She was totally disrespecting me. I wish I wouldn't have gotten upset and I could just tell her that she was being rude and I wasn't going to take it. I have told her before that how she talks to people is totally out of hand, even if we are younger than her. For whateve reason I couldnt directly defend myself though. I told her to call our DM if she has a problem with my scheduling. She threatened to do so anyway, and I don't freakin care. Like he is going to magically present us with 40 extra hours for her, hell no! I ended up changing the schedule and giving her some of my hours so she'd stop being a bitch. The interim manager wanted to see if there was a way to give people more hours and I am like not unless SSA offers us some more because I am working with all we have now. So now i fucked myself for this next week so that old bag wouldnt be bitchy, the interim manager is afraid she might quit. whatever. let her quit, more hours for the rest of us. damn. I hate that part of being an authority figure where you have to let someone down. I made the schedule even with us all there for at first. My one superior changed it so she got 40 hours and that left us all lacking.. no one gets 40 since hours were cut. I couldn't really step on her toes though I did confront her about it. Everyone is gonna be like WTF! I dont give a shit, though. Next week I will do it and they will all just have to deal with it. I will make it all up evenly between us all. Then no one can be like this. I have not had stress at this store and now i am gonna have a lot i think. People just being dumb because we all want hours so we have $$.
eh, enough whining. at least i have the next 3 days off of work. saturday we should all go to good beans to celebrate Roe v. Wade noon-4pm
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