January 28th, 2005

tea time

worst day

so... woke up at 4:30 to take tristia to work so that my brother could use my car to go to work at 6. Well, i get tristia there (in my car) and get home. go back to bed.. 30 minutes later.. Gary tells me that MY CAR will not start. so. I am like give it time. maybe it got cold again and needs to rest. whatever. 6 am.. still not starting. i tell him to call into work and tell them he cant go and i am not about to get my ass out and go take him over to miller road.. waste my gas TWICE to drop him off, come home, then get him later. so he calls them. i still try to sleep. 7am.. Billi the car still wont start. OMG, I dont care. I just want to sleep for the next 30 minutes in peace. So i get up and get ready and take tristias car to school. so my brother is losing a day of work.. which i should feel bad about but i dont. he is leaving today. i have no clue where in the hell he plans on moving to, though. he got this apartment but now with the weird car situation i dont know what's going to happen with him. my car tends to have a mind of its own, especially in winter time. there will be nothing wrong with it and it just wont start. which is what we are dealing with now. after a few hours i guarantee you that it will be fine. blah!!
Tristia and i are going out tonight so that is exciting. we are gonna have dinner and all that jazz. its been so long since we have done anything us. so finally woohoo! she is so excited that Gary is leaving, as am i, but its just weird to hear how over joyed she is with it all.
Here is looking forward to a really awesome full day.. class 9-12, advisor/pres meeting 12-1, student gov't from 1-2 (which i have to skip so i can go get Tristia at 1:30) blah.. then love time!!
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