February 7th, 2005

tea time

new found freedom

well, getting used to the space in the apartment is nice. woohoo! back to the usual cuteness and kisses. life will be perfect again. This weekend we both just worked our asses off and tried to fit some sleep in here and there. Today was wonderfully us though. We slept late. She made us waffles for breakfast. We picked up my new phone (works wonderful by the way), shopped for ourselves, shopped for her mother, got my taxes done YAY! and then grocery shopped. I made dinner and talked on the phone while she balanced her checkbook.. a long process trust me.
Tomorrow I finally get to have a Sara day again. Been so long since we have hung out sans girlfriends. So, Erin is busy and Tristia is working so WOOHOO! I really miss hanging with her. We are both so caught up in our own lives it seems.
Haven't been out in forever. So, I am excited to go to Man of the Month on Friday. I just love drag shows. hehe. i want to have some fun dammit! I hear Jaime has a good show planned so thats awesome.. not to mention all the other kings competing this time.
I have today and tomorrow off of work.. but on Wed i work 6am-2pm, school 3-5, and work again 8pm-2am. So, yea. that totally bites my ass. there is no time for rest and relaxation there. Gonna be a long ass day. off to do significant things.. i.e. doodle around
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