February 8th, 2005

tea time

one of those days..

gonna be one of those days.. its snowing again.. after 2 days of blah and rain and good warm weather. it started snowing on my way to school. grr. i want spring time already.. isnt it right around the corner? at least i get to hang out today with SARA!! WOOHOO! we have catching up to do.. found out some more crazy shit last night about other folks. its so weird how everyone dates in a circle. i cant know anyone who hasn't or isnt dating someone that is somehow connected to me. for flint to be so large, there sure as hell is a shortage on lesbians who havent dated everyone i know.
ok, time for physical science! woohoo. i failed the last test and that sucked. but i got my DL grade and i made a 70!! that made me feel sort of good since i did bad on science. aight. i'm out.
tea time

best ever

today was freakin awesome!! i spent like 7 hours with sara. for once she WAS NOT late and that was super exciting. We got to Borders at like the same exact time. we spent all of our money that we dont have but it was totally worth it. i bought little doodads and Valentines Day gifts for tristia. We had lunch at Olive Garden and that made us super happy. We split the Brownie Mousse Cake thing.. omg, delicious! I finally bought a madlib book.. so i will be putting madlib things on here so everyone can help me make fun stories. LOL! how immature am i at this moment? (not really wanting a reply kids) Becky kept getting caught up with stuff so we didnt get to hang with her today. she got her phone fixed though, and i understand that is a good thing. then she did some solo shopping. sad times. at least we get the whole conference to hang out and BOND even more than we have over the phone the last few days. I haven't felt this good in a really long time. things are just perfect and today was just great. i can't explain how wow my life is. it was fantastic to get to hang out and talk with sara about things. i am so happy that she has found someone to love. never before has she been with someone who makes her so happy. she smiles every time she says Erin.. its adorable. She got her first gift yesterday, a rose and a card. thats cuteness. i remember the first time Tristia got me a rose (at the bar) and when i got her a flower. We are cuteness. tomorrow will be the longest fucking day, i swear. blah. but at least they gave me thursday off. woohoo! i work 5pm-11pm friday and saturday, have sunday off, 6am-2pm monday, 2pm-8pm tuesday, and Eby on Wed. so, i will be late to the bar most likely. hopefully not missing too much of the show. precious isnt gonna perform because her binder hasn't been delivered yet. that is sad. i wonder if there is going to be much competition this month.

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