February 21st, 2005

tea time


I am not: what i look like
I love: feeling close to people
I hate: when people dont understand me when i am explaining my attractions
I fear: losing my relationships
I hope: that we will one day all be equal citizens
I hear: people saying that it will never work
I crave: affection
I regret: not being honest with myself
I cry: because I worry about the world too much
I care: that so many people feel excluded from be because of labels
I always: want to make a change
I believe: that I will be married some day
I feel alone: when i think of family
I look: too girly for my personality
I hide: myself because i am afraid of rejection
I drive: very carefully and listen to queer musicians
I sing: in my sleep
I dance: when i am really wasted
I write: more on LJ than in my paper journal sometimes
I play: with my hair when i get nervous
I miss: being able to tell my mother everything
I search: for honesty in all people
I learn: something about myself every day
I feel: exhausted
I know: that I'm going to do wonderful things in the future
I say: things before i think
I succeed: when i feel driven
I dream: of being just like everyone else..
I wonder: where our paths will cross
I want: a life of joy
I give: more than i recieve
I fell: in love twice
I fight: everything that i feel is wrong
I am: whatever you say i am
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