February 25th, 2005

tea time

yay for Leadership

man, when life gets weird. it really gets weird. i am not the president of Student Government!! woah. i guess they asked Garrett to step down and then Carlos resigned from vice. so woah, yah for me i think. I have a lot of work ahead of me to pull off the rest of the year. We really need to regroup and organize ourselves. I hate the low attendance and the students lack of concern on campus. This is awesome! i think i will do awesome at this.
Whale Rider is such an awesome movie!! i just watched it in HREL 299 and i cried my eyes out. it really hits home to anyone who is a girl and their family really wanted a boy. it was just sad at how the family treats the girl because she isnt male. horrible. i loved it and recommend it to anyone. it has really good cultural value as well.
i was told yesterday by a dumbass counselor that i couldnt walk this year because i still have credits to finish. well, i was pissed and i know that its possible for me to walk and then get my diploma after i pass the classes. so whatever. i went and talked to the student gov't advisor and we went and talked to this lady who makes admissions decisions and she said its ok. basically told me that counselors dont always know what they are talking about and that i can graduate as long as i will be done in spring. so yea, i graduate April 30th and you should all be there. I hate stupid people who dont know what they are talking about.
going to get my hair cut today. it got friend when i died it so i am gonna get a new style. Gonna have some brother sister bonding time. i havent seen my bro lately so thats nice. aight. i have to get ready for the official student gov't meeting.
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tea time

Drag Show

bad news.. the date has been moved to March 23rd.. i really hope that doesnt affect who can participate. there is some big thing on campus that night and Horrigan Drive will be closed for a race so we cant park and there is nowhere to drive. so we are set for 7pm march 23rd. please let me know if this is okay with you. call to confirm participation 810-610-5078