March 2nd, 2005

tea time

holy wow

a few little announcements and a rant.
1. I am in charge of hella student government crap. lots of cleaning up to do to get the organization back on track
2. i am one of the Board of Directors for TransGender Michigan as of Saturday! (totally excited, looking forward to this.. but not all the emails. wasn't expecting that)
3. I stepped down as Gay Straight Alliance president on Sunday (nick will be interim to finish the year, i will sort of guide him)
4. I have to give a speech in one month to motivate the student body
5. we are no longer having the to have or not to have kids discussion. its not an option.
6. Lisa is finally back to work, so life will be seminormal
7. we keep having snow and i hate it
8. long gender discussion ends with nothing resolved

ok, so this chic gets raped and it just so happens that it happened while her door was unlocked. Ok, so it sucks that she left the door unlocked. it sucks that she got raped. but one thing doesn't cause the other. she could have been in an unlocked room sleeping naked and that doesn't mean that it was okay for the perpetrator to force her. THERE IS NO EXCUSE! womyn do not ask for this sort of treatment. i resent the idea that anyone would deserve it or be asking for it because of a mistake, because maybe she was too tired to think about the lock. the attention should be focused on the act itself and who committed it, not on why it happened. it doesnt matter why the person did this to her, it matters that it happened to her and that someone should be punished. Fuck the circumstance. so there i am on a date and he makes me fuck him, that was not asked for. that was not something that i wanted. because i was with him that means that i wanted sex with him. NO! not true. and i fucking hate the people who can't see straight into the truth of matters. grr. be aware that there are idiots amongst us who think womyn deserve punishment because doors arent locked. did anyone think that in many places you dont have to worry about locking the door? its sad to think that we all have to lock our doors out of fear of violence. We should be free of these worries, know that our society is safe if we dont lock the door. In Alabama, we didnt lock car or house doors at night. there wasn't the worry or threat in our small town. it makes me sad that our society has went to shit and no one thinks about bigger pictures. just focus on the unlocked door. think of the damage this has caused the girl this happened to. Think of the months/years of struggle that she may have ahead of her because of someone else. Trust me, its not something she will forget today or tomorrow. Some things don't go away.
anyway, i have a million things on my mind and i hope i dont forget any of it. i need a nap before work tonight but i may not be getting one. I have to tell the GSA group today that i resign. I talked to nick so he already knows he's the lead man now. sad times. i just cant handle all the responsibilities. i said i'd step down if i got in with TGMI and so be it. its better anyway. i dont want to stretch myself too thin. show is in a few weeks. sorry that DKR can't make it. i knew it would be gettin close for you guys. its alright though. see you all later. back to internet land i go..
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