March 4th, 2005

tea time

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i feel like scrambled eggs.. i dont mean i want to eat them.. i mean i literally feel like a scrambled egg. my entire body hurts from that fall yesterday. ugh. i feel so icky. my class went well. not just sort of wasting time before student gov't. i get to swear in 3 new senators. so yah for that. tonight CJ and Carrie are coming over and thats exciting. i have my annual exam today after SG. yucky. then home for painkillers, laundry, housecleaning, and baking. gotta make everything look good for my peeps. lol. We rearranged our living room when we got the entertainment center so all is perfecto. my arms dont want to move. my back has these bruises (nonsexual) and i hate it. i cant move or function. thats gonna make this dr visit just fabulous i bet. but at least i'm getting it done. i've procrastinated about it for 2 years. woohoo! ok, so i'm gonna focus. bye