March 9th, 2005

tea time


woah.. i know that it has been a while. i just been being blah i guess.
I ended up going to the after hours clinic on saturday and he said i need xrays and all this stuff.. which i cant afford because my insurance hasn't went through yet. so i was like we will see. Well, I went up to Mott and filed an accident report and th officer said that she would type it up so i could get a copy in a few days or whatever. so alright. On Monday I was supposed to go back to the dr. I called MCC first to see about getting a copy of the report. They said the lady didnt finish it but would be in to get it finished. so, okay, i figure i will go back to the dr like i said i would and then drop by mott. i need their report so i can bill them. I went to the dr and he gave me a paper so i can go to the diagnostic place for my xrays... i then went to mott. aparently the lady didnt finish the report. after it is finished it takess 3-5 days for processing by the supervisor and THEN they send it to mott to see if they will cover medical expenses. Ok, So the lady that i talked to was a supervisor and super bitchy and wanted to tell me it was my fault because i didnt report it immediately to them. well, every person that i came in contact with knew it happened, just because i didnt report it to that office first doesnt make my claim less serious. anyway, i didnt go get the xrays that i need because i am afraid that if mcc wont pay for it, i will be in debt forever. we cant afford it. I have no pain meds for this. I am taking ibuprofen and hoping it gets better. it has been a week since i fell. my shoulder makes a popping sound when i lift it or move it certain ways. it has a constant ache. my back just aches when i move alot. I know something is wrong with the shoulder and i know i need the xrays but i cant chance getting screwed about the bills. It's not fair. I am not happy about this situation at all. but tristia has been spoiling me rotten. :) thats always nice
I have a few loose ends to tie up about gettin all my stuff sent to MSU. sort of nervous. I dont think i am smart enough but whatever. i gotta do something new. i have to work in a few hours and i really feel ick. i cleaned the house yesterday while tris was at work and my body is not happy with me.. particularly the shoulder. I was just really bored so i had to do something. it wont happen again when i feel so sore, trust me.
see you all soon!