March 14th, 2005

tea time

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tired ass. i now know that i am not gettin the promotion. we are on the schedule in order of seniority and i have been moved to the bottom of scheduling and the person gettin the promotion is where i was. so yea. that sucks. still she hasnt told me that i am not gettin it. i guess because i wasnt officially promoted she doesnt have to tell me anything..but damn, it would be nice. grr. gonna call this guy about a job. he has called me twice now. gonna get on top of that.
talked to megan today and that was happy. we havent chatted in a long time. today we got a postcard from Adam from Paris. it was cute and he said he was being a skank. it made me smile. Also, tara sent me the same card that i sent megan. its halarious. it says ' why is this tampon behind me ear, and where is my pencil' HAHAH! i bought it for megs and then tara bought it for me. she sent me a pic of her with a guy in leather S&M looking outfit. I wonder where she was to meet him.. growls.
so, email the alix olsen people.. woohoo. started the online app to MSU finally. emailed brian about printing, got bambi's contact info, email ivory about the panels, noticed carrie called me a him in the minutes. cried. yea.. been a busy billi.
we went to dinner at Angelo's and that made me smile even though they were out of the 2 things that i really wanted. i got some yummy stuff anyway.
Tomorrow i want to go to the dr to discuss my Xrays. I called today and they said that they had a report of them.. so yea. get that looked at. My shoulder feels alot better. It still pops when i move it certain ways and i can't rotate it or sleep on that side. It's not constant pain like before.
Listened to Caid's Kate Peterson Cd (thanks so much) and it made me think. I already think too much.. but yea.. its a good CD.. She sounds so pretty.
Roxanne's stepdad died yesterday and I feel so sad for their family. He had a heart attack which caused a car accident. Keep them in your prayers. I want to do something for them but I don't know what. He was a really funny guy. He was from the same county as me in AL and so we knew the same places and everything. he was a good guy deep down and he is in a better place now.
had a crazy experience saturday night that i am hoping i can soon overcome.. but if not.. well, i dont know what i will do.
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