March 16th, 2005

tea time

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ALIX OLSEN!! ALIX OLSEN!! have you heard hir?
Well, I got a reply from the booking agent.. guess what?? We can probably have her on April 25th here in Flint!! GO ME GO ME GO ME GO ME GO ME!! In case you dont know alix, that's the cutie in my icon! I am thrilled.. I told CJ and I guess that this will be a TGMI and GSA sponsored event.. the GSA has more money they can Her fee depends on what we are intending to spend on the venue and on advertizing, ticket price, etc. I am the best!
On another note, I really still do hate my job. I worked all day after like NO hours of sleep. I was so stressed yesterday that I couldn't sleep last night. I kept waking up imagining that there was things crawling on the walls. Not cool. Then straight from work to school to proof Tris paper and attend GSA meeting.. there was NO ONE ELSE there even. blah.. then Becky and Jamie got there. WOOHOO! I finally finished the research paper. I am about to turn it into the testing center. I dont want to have to walk all the way to the teachers office. I have 2 chapters of HREL to read.. and 4 of ECO. I have the HREL test on Friday at 8am and then the ECO has to be done by sunday.. I dont know when I will be reading, but damn it, I will be reading. I have to pass these freakin classes. I dont know why this semester seems so fucking hard for me. I am so tired all the time. I have 20 other activities on my plate. (BTW, where can we host alix at? i told the booking lady probably good beans because its small/intimate.. any idea about how much it costs to rent the antiroom?) I want a fucking vacation from myself.
It's snowing and that means I have to go home. I hate driving in the snow. I need sleep!! I am starving and I dont know if there is anything at home that I want to eat. eh.
PS DRAG SHOW ON WEDNESDAY the 23rd!! Ashton Moore, Tom Follary, Jon Gotter, Ashton Kane, Sissy Spaztic, Tony Tyler, Aleisha Moore possibly. ..
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